What’s Going on in West Los Angeles?

Don’t wonder what is happening in West Los Angeles and hope it is all good news. It is easy to keep up with the latest West Los Angeles news with a click of the mouse at this link. All of the top new stories from West Los Angeles are featured here.

A few of the West Los Angeles events and news that you should be aware of:

  • Anice Haunce and Kathryn Barger are two of the newest members of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Female members now lead the board.
  • LAX is obviously the most commonly used airport in Los Angeles, and now they’re making things easier for travelers that wish to rent a car. A new service from LAX aims to provide more than 20 rental car options that offer pull-up car rental access.
  • Fossils were found recently as workers during excavation work near the La Brea- Wishier area. The mammoth fossil remains were being dug for the Purple Line Extension Highway.
  • The LA Council submitted a proposal that would ban expect animals from being used for entertainment purposes.
  • A lawsuit concerning a local yoga business and a client was settled at the end of November. The lawsuit claimed sexual harassment and a cash settlement was awarded.

These cases are just a few of the many that are taking place on West Los Angeles as we speak. But there is so much more.

In an area as large as West Los Angeles, there is news going on at all times of the day and the night.  Most of that news is very important for you to know and be aware of as quickly as you can. Sure, the news stations give you info, but do they give you the real info that you want and need?